Performance Sailing App

Our performance sailing compass is an easy-to-use alternative to expensive standalone instruments.


More Than Just A Compass

Are you a racing sailor who’s ready to start winning more races? RegattaRecon Performance Sailing app for  Apple’s iPad and iPhone is an easy-to-use alternative to expensive standalone instruments like the TackTick and Velocitek units. In addition to an advanced digital sailing compass, the app includes an integrated head/lift indicator, sailing race timer, and gives you the ability to record up to six finishers so that phrf calculations are a breeze.



How it Works

Simply sail your course close-hauled on the starboard tack and once it’s optimal press the large number in the center of the main Compass screen (at right). This tack angle is then displayed between the two arrows at the top of the compass screen. As you sail, the large number acts as your compass heading. The graduated graphics at the bottom on either side of the boat alert you to how many degrees (each black bar = 1 degree and each red bar = 5 degrees) up to 22 degrees, off your ideal (port = red boat, starboard = green) tack you are.

To use the Countdown Timer functionality just press the icon in the top right corner of the Compass screen and the app switches to the Timer screen (at right). Press the blue Start Timer button and select from 1 to 6 Minutes as the countdown time. At this point you can return to the Compass screen as the timer will “blow a horn” to alert you to the various guns as you race towards the start line.  Once the race starts, the timer begins counting up and you can record your finish time and the time of 6 other boats by pressing the same blue button (now labeled Finished Gun).

Quick Features

  • Advanced digital sailing compass and head/lift indicator
  • No Wi-Fi, mobile connection or GPS needed or used
  • Sailing race timer and ability to record up to six finishers
  • Available in 8 languages (English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian and Portuguese)
  • Simple and Inexpensive Mounting and Waterproofing Solutions


Performance Sailing App on iPhone 5

Compass Screen






Performance Sailing App on iPhone 5

Timer Screen

App Features

Regatta Recon’s Digital Compass app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices is designed to help racing sailors take the gun and win more races, more often.

An integrated head/lift indicator as well as compass, it gets you and your boat up the course “in phase”, and the countdown timer gets you off to a great start every race.

With the ability to record the elapsed time of up to 6 finishers, PHRF calculations on the way to the dock are a cinch.

Sporting an intuitive interface, the compass provides the functions of devices costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, at a fraction of the cost, right on your phone or tablet.

Available on all phones and tablets that have an internal compass. No Wi-Fi or mobile connection or outside intervention needed for Regatta Recon Performance Sailing Compass to work, so it’s “Class Legal”.

Available in 8 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, and Portuguese).

What our customers have to say:

The app’s accuracy appeared to be spot-on, and its responsiveness to changes in heading was nearly instananeous.
Practical Sailor Review

We fell in love with this app in a very short amount of time.
Spinsheet Magazine

Bought this app unsure if it could really deliver on the promise of a TackTick at $15 but I’ve tested it alongside my Garmin and its giving me reliable numbers all over the course. It seems to deliver and as we use it, we are liking it more and more. We ran practice starts and first mark beats all weekend and the app really delivered above our expectations. The life proof case on the iPhone really insures a great set of functionality- course charts, NOAA bouy info and now a great racing app. I highly recommend the app.

Get the Ultimate Wireless Performance Sailing App

If you’re looking for a wireless performance sailing app or sailing training tool, look no further than the RegattaRecon digital compass. It also makes a perfect gift for sailing enthusiasts. So don’t get left behind! Get the RegattaRecon sailing app from the App Store and get ready to dominate your next Regatta.